About Us

Who we are

Italshoe brings you the ultimate range in workwear together with our commitment to providing exceptional quality and service.

As the leading workwear and footwear manufacturer and supplier in Tanzania our products are instantly recognized and respected by both workers and customers nationwide.

We have carefully selected a range of health and safety equipment, providing quality Head, Face, Ear, Eye and Footwear protection. Ital Shoe provides a unique solution to compliment your company image. Comapny image is soo much more than just a logo.

Creating the right image is a key factor in any business. Therfore at Italshoe we assit you in dressing your workers affectively in order to reflect your company’s image, thereby enhancing your specific company brand.

Our Team

Our employees are professionals whose entrepreneurial behavior is result-oriented and guided by personal integrity. They strive for the success of their own units in the interest of Ital Shoe Ltd.

Our employees can count on opportunities for individual and professional development in an international working environment. We offer them rewarding and challenging assignments for personal initiative. We will focus our efforts on the success of our customers.

Our Vision

To grow steadily and become a large entrepreneur and world-class Business Company, relying on our customers and brilliant human resource

Our Mission

To provide effective, efficient, reliable high quality service and value the well being health and safety of our customers, staff and the entire public.